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Protection of Competition

Belox is recognized as a key player in the area of protection of competition in Serbian market.

The new Law on Protecting of Competition came into force on November 1, 2009. On the basis of the mentioned Law, the Serbian Commission for Protection of Competition (CPC) is now empowered to conduct sight inspections and penalize any competition restraints of appreciable extent. Potential fines may amount up to 10% of the undertaking's annual operating revenue, including revenues of its connected legal entities!

We are helping our clients to define relevant market and to implement all necessary legislation regarding protection of competition. As a center of excellence we also provide European best practices in this area.

Relevant Market

Relevant market is the first element to be considered in the event of a suspected violation of the Law on Protecting of Competition. Our services include definitions of the market and market structure.

Notification of Concentration

In terms of Law on Protecting of Competition concentration arises where a change of control on a lasting basis results from mergers and aquisitions. Concentration must be notified to the CPC prior its implementation.

Individual and Block Exemption

Law on Protecting of Competition prohibits legal agreements which have as their effects the prevention, restriction or distortion of competition in the market.
Belox is providing analysis of economic efficiency of such agreements and...

Legal Due Diligence

Through extensive legal and economic analysis it is possible to do assessment weather business activities act within the competition low. We assist our clients to adapt their activities to legal competition framework in Serbia and in the EU.

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