photo by: vladimir tatarevic

Project Management

Belox  Project Management consulting service are covering the entire process of software development, aiming to ensure successful implementation of the whole project and deliver the end result to our client according to initially agreed principles and requirements.

Our Project Management consulting services include:

  • resource management
  • project coordination
  • monitoring of execution
  • project risk management
  • reporting
  • communication
  • compliance to internal processes and procedures and
  • change requests management.

In addition to project management services, we are also offering project analyses and planning, risk analyses, project audit services and product management. We have extensive knowledge in process modeling and requirement handling. We are flexible and we adapts to our client’s needs, methodologies and processes. Moreover, our key focus is successful project implementation which leads to tangible business results for our clients.

Failing to plan is planning to fail.

Attributed to Alan Lakein