photo by: vladimir tatarevic

IT Strategy

Information Technology strategy (IT Strategy) is important part of the overall enterprise strategy. We are helping our clients to shape their IT strategies as business supportive strategies which enable future development and growth.  

Without business strategy, information technologies cannot add much value. This is why development of IT strategy is part of strategic planning and it is usually developed for the period of 3-5 years.

Our methodology for IT strategy development includes the following scope:

  1. IT Role
    • Business context
    • Business success
    • Business capabilities
    • IT contribution to business success
  1. IT Management
    • IT principles
    • IT governance
    • IT financial management
    • IT metrics
  1. IT Development
    • IT services
    • Enterprise architecture
    • People
    • Sourcing
  1. Analysis of Strategic IT risks
    • the main risks related to IT strategy that may affect the business of the organization.

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