photo by: vladimir tatarevic

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Our Customer Relationship Management (CRM) consulting services are focused on helping our clients to become client centric organizations. CRM as a strategic business decision is used:

  • to win customers effectively
  • to support customer satisfaction and
  • to develop and maintain a long and profitable relationship with the customer.

Businesses are often facing with issues of low customer loyalty and high acquisition costs. In addition, there is increase in competition and margins shrinking. On the other side, businesses are growing in complexity and dynamics, there is constant change in products and offerings, there are many different customer channels and customer expectations are constantly rising. CRM as customer oriented business model is one of the solutions for addressing these issues.

Depending on the organization, CRM can be used as comprehensive customer information database, lead and opportunity management, tool for sales planning, sales pipeline management, workflow management system, basis for more informed marketing campaigns…

More specifically, business goals for CRM implementation are:

  • increase customer retention,
  • increase customer satisfaction,
  • win new customers,
  • increase share of wallet with existing customers,
  • increase knowledge about customer and
  • reduce sales cycle.

Although CRM is part of enterprise strategy, strong IT support is needed for its implementation. We are providing consultancy services for both, management and IT department, through all phases of CRM implementation, from the project vision to project implementation and final review.

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