photo by: vladimir tatarevic

Business Analytics

Belox Business Analytics services combine:

  • finding new patterns and relationships in existing data (data mining),
  • explanation of existing business results and
  • forecasting future results.

Our Business Analytics services are based on our data mining models for the exploration and analysis of large quantities of data, in order to discover meaningful patterns and rules and on our econometric models for prediction of future results.

In providing our services we are combining statistical analysis, quantitative analysis, predictive modeling, risks analyses and advanced information technologies.

We are using our business knowledge, as well as our analytical skills, to explain why certain results occurred. With in-depth understanding of business performance and our predictive models, we are helping our clients to gain insight into future results and optimize strategy and planning activities.

Business goals are:

  • effective use of existing data - discovery of business-critical information
  • better business decisions
  • the timely identification of potentially high-risk clients
  • increase sales effectiveness
  • optimal allocation of marketing resources
  • increase customer loyalty and customer satisfaction
  • effective portfolio management
  • fast and flexible response to identified problems and needs of clients
  • in-depth understanding of business performance
  • insight into future results
  • well informed planning process
  • effective strategy review process.

If you have to forecast, forecast often.

Edgar R. Fiedler