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Founder - Miroljub Labus

Miroljub Labus is professor of Economics at the Faculty of Law, University of Belgrade, and former Deputy Primer Minister of the Government of Serbia. He was born in Serbia in 1947 and received BA in law and PhD in economics from the University of Belgrade.

Before joining academia, he practiced law in a Belgrade’s law firm working on tort issues, protection of patent rights, international credit arrangements and related civil law cases.

Miroljub Labus has valuable experience in statistics where he held a position in the Federal Statistical Office between 1986 and 1994 of Senior Advisor for social accounting matrices and general equilibrium modeling. He created the related macroeconomic database and established statistical periodical „Economic trend“ serving as the first editor in chief between 1990 and 1996.

Miroljub Labus

He also served as the editor in chief of the bulletin “Market barometer” between 1994 and 2000 published by the Economics Institute in Belgrade with the goal to analyze current macroeconomic trends and forecast short-term future developments. Analyses of market development was based on a regular business survey of the leading Serbian companies.

In his academic carrier Miroljub Labus has focused on macroeconomics, international trade, transition and privatization issues, as well as corporate governance and protection of competition. He has written a well known modern textbook “Foundation of Economics” and published numerous monographs and articles in leading journals.

Miroljub Labus was actively engaged in politics between 1990 and 2006. He was a MP in the Federal Parliament (1992-96), Deputy Prime Minister and Minister for Foreign Economic Relations in the Federal Government (2000-03), Deputy Prime Minister of the Government of Serbia (2004-06), and Presidential candidate in 2002. He served also as Deputy Chairman of Democratic Party (1994-97), and Chairman of the political party G17PLUS (2002-06).

Miroljub Labus has wide experience in international economic negotiations and diplomacy. On behalf of the Serbian side, he was the chief negotiator at the Donors’ Conference in Brussels (2001), in negotiations with the Paris Club creditors (2001), the extended financial arrangement with International Monetary Fond and the World Bank’s Country Assistant Strategy (2000-03, and 2004-06). He served as the country’s governor in the World Bank and the European Bank for Development and Reconstruction. He provided substantial professional and diplomatic inputs to the process of the country’s resumption of the membership in international financial organizations, and was credited for the settlement of the Yugoslav/Serbian foreign debt.

Miroljub Labus is a strong advocate of Serbia’s accession to the European Union, and was the first negotiator of the Stabilization and Association Agreement between Serbia and the EU. He resigned in 2006 because the Serbian government did not provide the full cooperation with the Tribunal in the Hague, which was considered as the main obstacle for the country’s accession to the EU.

Miroljub Labus is married and has two daughters.


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