photo by: vladimir tatarevic

Business Ethics

Belox is a consulting company which works in a business environment that is developing new market institutions, fostering the rule of law, and harmonizing regulatory framework with the EU standards. Our approach in providing advisory services is to protect interests of the clients, and to comply with the best practice requirements at the same time. This is the core of our understanding what a social responsible behavior should be in Serbia these days. 

Our methodology of providing advisory services relies on four pillars:

  • relevant facts and data,
  • cooperation with foreign counterparts,
  • recommendations aiming both to settle a case and improve the business environment
  • and transparency of analysis.

Our methodological approach starts with identification of the relevant facts and a thorough collection of the related data. The experience has thought us that reliable data are the key factor in any impartial assessments. We can provide data from various sources including international financial institutions, statistical offices, public registries and tailored made market researches.

The second factor driving our advices to the clients is related to foreign consultancy. We try hard to involve foreign experts in elaborating any of our studies in order to bring in international experience and the best practices for resolving domestic cases. 

The next line of our approach is aiming at the economic and institutional system, not only at a case in hand. We would like to draw lessons from every particular case that might contribute to improving the overall regulatory framework for doing business in Serbia. Our goal is not only to fix the case, but also to make business easier and closer to European standards.

Transparency is our final methodological point. We are ready to share facts, data and analytical conclusions with the professional public, and do hope that our clients will strongly support that policy. Transparency is a vital part of the confidence building process on the both sides of the business community.


Fundamentally, sustainable development is a notion of discipline. It means humanity must ensure that meeting present needs does not compromise the ability of future generations to meet their needs.

Gro Harlem Brundtland